Look Guys, I’m on TV!

This morning was huge for Porsche Pirelli Trophy West USA, as we saw four of our class champions: Kevin Woods, Laura Ely, Sean McAlister, and Michael Zuieback on Mobil 1 The Grid.The episode aired nationwide on CBS Sports Network this morning, showing everyone the passion and professionalism of our racing family. If you were not able to catch the episode live on CBS Sports Network this morning, we will be posting the link to our Facebook, and on our new official Instagram site, @porschepirellitrophywestusa.

A HUGE congratulations to our four drivers featured in the episode, our staff, Porsche Motorsport, our series partners, the teams, and each one of our drivers, for making our series so amazing in 2018. Finally, a special thank you to Mobil 1 The Grid for showing our passion to the world.

You can find the link on our new Instagram at: @porschepirellitrophywestusa or go directly to: Mobil 1 The Grid link: https://youtu.be/E_-0tbhxEWs